When choosing joinery, you need to pay close attention to your choice of glass as an element that takes up the largest surface area. KG PROMET offers a wide selection of glass within its line of products, with hear transfer coefficients ranging from 0,7 W/Km2 up to 1,1 W/Km2, depending on the choice and color of glass. The lower the heat transfer coefficient is, the higher the thermal insulation properties of the glass are. Previously, windows had thermal float glass with a 2,5 W/Кm2 coefficient; nowadays, our standard offering includes low-emissive glass, or ClimaGuard Solar glass (for all 4 seasons). What is certain is that you would achieve the biggest energy saving by choosing triple layered glass.

Joinery may be equipped with secure, ornamental, or colored glass chosen from a wide spectrum of colors, as well as glass with different width.

Float glass

What makes them stand out is a solid sound insulation of 35db, which is more than enough for you to enjoy the silence of your home. With a heat transfer coefficient of 2,5 W/m2K, combined with energy efficient PVC or ALU joinery, it saves up to half of your heating expenses. The glass lets in 83% of daylight into the premises where it is located. It has a solar factor of 20% which lists it among great sunlight conductors, and that means that during summer heats the glass makes a minor saving to your air conditioning expenses.

Low-emissive glass (E-LOW)(E-LOW)

Contemporary thermal insulated glass which guarantees for a heat transfer coefficient of 1.1 W/m2K (it conforms to all the standards included in the new legislation regarding energy efficiency), which allows you to make your heating expenses up to 3 times lower.
The glass also possesses a great solar factor (g = 66 %), which is accomplished with the help of an ultra-thin, but highly efficient rich metal functional layer placed inside of the insulated glass onto the surface of the inner air space. In such a way, the light and solar radiation can enter into the premises with no difficulties, and the heat is kept inside of the premises. It provides for a sound insulation of up to 36db.
Richly glassed rooms or winter gardens, combines with high quality PVC or ALU joinery may become your oasis, as well as solar collectors during the cold seasons.

ClimaGuard® Solar glass (4 SEASONS)

This glass, with the main purpose of exquisite thermal insulation, compared to traditional insulated glass, provides for the saving on more than two thirds of your heating expenses during the cold season. In one average household, that can amount to several hundreds of euros per year. This type of glass not only takes your budget into consideration, but also your environment. The heat transfer coefficient is 1,0 W/m2K. During hot, summer days, the surface area of the windows is exposed to sunlight with more than 400 W/m2. Traditional insulated glass lets through approximately 80% of that energy into the premises, which is often unbearable.
ClimaGuard (4 seasons) glass significantly lowers the transfer of that heat because it lets through only 43% (solar factor 58%) of the entire solar heat, which provides for an exquisite saving on the usage of air conditioning devices. Research has shown that during the hottest summer days, ClimaGuard glass lowers the temperature for an incredible 13 C. The glass provides for a sound insulation of up to 39db.
These technical characteristics, regardless of extreme heats or extreme coldness, provide for the possibility to cut down on more than half of the energy you use for maintaining the comfort of your home, during all 4 seasons.

Clima Guard/float/E-LOW glass (Triple layered glass package)

This glass combination is for true connosieurs and fans of energy efficiency. It is the best glass combination on the market of ALU and PVC joinery.
It lowers noise up to 45db. Its solar coefficient is 61%, which means only 39% of solar heat enters our homes, and thus lowers our air conditioning bills exponentially. The transfer of daylight is 60%. The heat transfer coefficient is 0,7 W/m2K, which makes the heating expenses up to 5 times lower.
The triple layered glass package is the fastest payable investment in the domain of energy efficiency.