Aluminum joinery

Thanks to the aesthetics, safety, and functionality that it possesses, aluminum is considered to be an ideal material for the making of doors and windows. Doors and windows with a thermo-breaking combined with suitable glass and rubber provide a high level of thermal and sound isolation. Aluminum is a material that does not decay as time goes by, thus guaranteeing a long lifespan of your doors and windows. It is also suitable for areas with high temperatures and strong sunlight. The flexibility of door and windows constructing provides for the possibility of choice between traditional and modern constructions.
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Aluminum doors and windows display a perfect final appearance which is partly due to the possibility of being painted. A wide range of shades and colors. The offering includes electrostatic coating, anodizing for achieving a metallic look, and a faux wood paint color. The production of doors and windows is combined with the usage of suitable mechanisms that guarantee a proper functioning of doors and windows. The maintenance and care for doors and windows is easy – periodic water cleaning.

For the production of aluminum joinery, we use the raw materials of renowned Al profile makers – ETEM and ALUMIL, and fittings produced by STUBLINA. The surface of the profile is covered with PVC protective foil which protects it during the processing and assembly, and it is easily removable afterwards. The drainage holes exist in order to provide for the outflow of condensed moisture and water, as well as to perform ventilation. The caulking of wings, frames, and glass is done using high quality rubber. The main feature of the caulking rubber is its resistance to atmospheric influences, as well as its mechanical properties.
E-45 belongs to the new generation of aluminum systems with thermo-breaking. Along its primary goal for saving energy within building structures, E-45 is designed to please all of the functional and aesthetic requirements.

E-45 offers:
• Exceptional energy saving (thermal isolation) due to low Uf values
• Exceptional features for water resistance and sound isolation (60mm width)
• Solutions for all construction types
• Flat and curved profiles
• Excellent price to quality ratio
• Maximum safety, possibility for assembling locks with multiple locking points
• The option of electrostatic coating matching any RAL, faux wood color, and other methods for surface protection of aluminum, such as eloxing.