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Aluminum facades are a modern solution for various business properties. They are produced out of aluminum profiles and thermos-isolated glass in stop sol or par sol colors. Depending on the visibility of the aluminum profiles, there can be structural facades without visible carrier profiles, and semi-structural facades with visible carrier profiles.

The advantages of aluminum facades are having a modern, representative appearance, good thermal insulation properties which are visible in energy saving for heating, as well as cooling, and easy maintenance.
Alucobond facades are constructed out of composite aluminum panels which are placed on object walls with the use of sub-constructions. The optimal thermal insulation properties are achieved by placing the insulation materials on the wall underneath the Alucobond panels, thus providing for for excellent thermal and sound insulation of the wall. The appearance of the property mostly depends on the creativity of the investor, due to the wide range of color options for the Alucobond panels, as well as to the processing methods that allow for almost everything.
Newer properties of modern design are mostly constructed with the combination of aluminum and Alucobond facades. On top of that, older properties may gain a new, modern appearance by additional placing of these facades.

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