KG PROMET company was started in 1992. During its beginnings, it was dedicated to the selling of aluminum profiles for the making of construction joinery. Over the years, keeping pace with market demands and company development, KG PROMET started producing aluminum joinery and other aluminum constructions.

Warranty terms:

· Geometry and profile color fastness – 10 years

· Fittings functionality - 3 years

· The appearance of condensation in between glass – 3 years

· Blinds and mosquito nettings functionality- 2 years

· Warranty does not include mechanical or other damage made by unconscientious use

· Warranty does not include the appearance of condensation on the inner side of the glass


Replacement of old joinery is possible without even leaving the premises. The disassembling of old windows and assembling of the new ones right afterwards is performed within a day, so the living space may be used normally. It should be noted that certain damage to the edges of windows may occur during the disassembly, which is preconditioned by how the old windows were assembled. During the disassembly, the old frames that are mostly decayed get cut in order to save the edges from being damaged or in order to limit that damage to a minimum. After the assembly of new windows, the processing of edges is not an issue and any painter may process the edges in such a way that no damage is noticeable.

When choosing joinery, special attention should be given to the choice of glass, as the element which has the biggest surface area. KG PROMET’s product line offers a wide range of glass choices with heat transfer coefficients ranging from 0,6 W/Km2 to 1,1 W/Km2, depending on the choice of glass.

Glass condensation is an issue that arises in places where the air humidity level is high. The appearance of water drops on the glass is something that tells us that the area should be ventilated and that the humidity level should be lowered. Aeration needs to be performed several times during the day, windows wide open for 2 – 3 minutes. Thus the humid air from the area gets mixed with the drier outside air which in turn lowers the humidity level, not cooling down the windows at the same time.

Each of your ideas when it comes to joinery can be brought to life!
Give us your ideas, and we will turn them into reality in no time, with high quality.


In PVC joinery production, we only use profiles and fittings of renowned German producers INOUTIC and ROCO.

Aluminum joinery is based on ETEL and ALUMIL profiles, and we use STUBLINA brand fittings. We have all the certificates necessary.